viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2010

lingerie versus jewellery

Welcome to the world of Nichole de Carle! Inspired by iconic architectural structures with bold curves and graceful arches Nichole de Carle lingerie is the embodiment of design and fine craftsmanship. With a rich cultural heritage as a Huguenot descendent Nichole de Carle explores high culture, literature, and architecture and sculptures it into contour design. The Huguenots were known as exceptional ar tisans, craftsmen, and professionals of high societal positions. The de Carle Huguenots were of Royal decent, gentlemen of heritage. Francois de Carle, the bloodline of Nichole de Carle, fled to England from persecution in France in 1572. Only using materials of the highest quality, like silk and the delicate signature guipure embroidery inspired by the fine parasols of the Victorian era. Nichole de Carle will continue to develop an artisan tradition into the next generation.

The Inspiration behind the current RTW collections Onyx and Opal are taken from the wondrous World of Dan Brown and the extraordinary architecture of iconic fashion capitals around the world.

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    Es una pasada esta foto...pero dudo que le quede bien a mucha gente... sólo unas pocas afortunadas podemos ponernos estos modelitos...jejeje!!!